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Stay hydrated and keep your energy soaring while enjoying clearer thinking and that enviable healthy glow! Hydration is your body's best buddy for staying sharp and feeling fresh.

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Hydration Tablets Shown with Various Fruits that Reflect Their Respective Flavors

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For over a decade, our founders shared a vision of a healthier, tastier future. That quest led to Drinklits - thoughtfully crafted electrolyte and immunity tablets that taste good and protect the earth by eliminating plastic bottles! With wholesome ingredients and a commitment to flavor, Drinklits redefines refreshment. Join the journey towards a better hydration experience and a healthier planet.

Why People Love Us


Gabriella B

Loved it!! Great flavor & easy to use. I love this product. The flavor is great and it is easy to use. The strawberry has been my favorite but my partner loves the ginger lime too! I have tried a lot of other tablets like this but Drinklits is my favorite.


Katie F

Super delicious and refreshing. I love the small packaging with limited waste and reusable. This particular flavor gave me energy on my hike. I like the refreshing taste it give with ginger.


Jonna S

Versatile Electrolytes. I love the simplicty of the tube, with the tablets. These are so easy for on-the-go, take anywhere electrolytes. The flavor is delicious without being too demanding. I've used them alone, or as a yummy mocktail addition!


Liz K

Been using Drinklits lately and it’s been a recovery game changer! Best part: recyclable packaging and helps eliminate single-use plastics. I use drinklits after a surf session, pool training, and hot yoga and my favorite flavor is strawberry because of the extra immunity boost from it!



I’m in love with these. I’m honestly shocked by how flavorful the tablets are, I do one tablet in my giant canteen and it’s soooo good vs nuun where I’ve noticed will get more watered down much quicker.


Saremmy R

They taste so good! I have three flavors lemon, strawberry and orange. I love the fizzy/effervescent effect and you don’t have to stir the water. The best thing is that they have a variety of flavors, ones that support your immune system and others which are electrolytes for daily hydration. Also, you can help protect the earth, eliminating plastic bottles.


Hannah M

As a busy medical student, I've found the drinklits electrolyte tablets to be a lifesaver amidst my hectic schedule. Not only do they provide essential hydration during long study sessions and active days, but their convenient format makes staying healthy a breeze. 

A Hand Holding up Drinklits Daily Hydration plus Immunity Tablets Product in Lemon Flavor

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